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Advantages of Bankruptcy in Phoenix

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Filing for bankruptcy protection in Phoenix, Arizona has its advantages.   Becoming debt free can seem like an impossible possibility to individuals and families that are being hounded by creditors and aren’t able to keep up with their mounting bills.

When creditors are harassing you for payments, initiating legal actions, and threatening foreclosure or repossession life can seem like a real drag.  There is a solution to your problem!  Filing either chapter 7 bankruptcy or filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in Phoenix, AZ can bring considerable relief by putting an immediate end to some of the difficult situations that accompany financial hardships.  There are advantages to filing bankruptcy.


Some of the Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy in Phoenix Include: (Advantages vary with the chapter of bankruptcy you file)


  • Immediately stops all home foreclosures and lawsuits.
  • Stops creditor calls, letters, and harassment.
  • Filing bankruptcy stops lawsuits by creditors that may be pending against you.
  • Does not affect car payments if you want to keep your car and continue making payments.
  • Immediately halts wage garnishments.
  • Stops interest charges on credit cards.
  • Gives you a fresh start.
  • Stops any repossession actions against your property.
  • Opens up the door to re-build tour credit and for new credit.
  • Allows you to catch up on car and house payments.
  • Gets rid of past due bills and medical bills.
  • Allows you to keep all of your personal belongings and furnishings (up to a legal limit).
  • Filing bankruptcy cancels all past due utility bills. (Usually only a deposit needed to reinstate services).
  • Declaring bankruptcy eliminates your credit card debt.
  • Allows you to immediately start a new savings plan.


The Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers at Wright & Associates

Free Bankruptcy Consultations either in person or by phone with one of our bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix

The Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers at Wright & Associates, PLC have had a lot of success in guiding people in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona through the bankruptcy filing process.  The Arizona Bankruptcy Laws are broken down into several sections and chapters.  Quite often the bankruptcy code and language may be complex and sometimes hard to understand.  Seek the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix to help guide you through the bankruptcy process. is broken down into several sections or chapters.

The lawyers and staff at our Phoenix bankruptcy law firm work with our clients to assure that they get back on the road to financial viability.  We will thoroughly review your finances to help you determine if filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix is the best course of action for your circumstances.

Free Bankruptcy Consultations either in person or by phone with one of our bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona.

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