Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy

Post Bankruptcy Living in Phoenix, Arizona

Once you have filed bankruptcy and rid yourself of all of your debt, the future should be looking bright.  However, there is a real fear amongst people facing bankruptcy as they are hesitant to declare bankruptcy because they’re afraid of the great unknown which is: “What is life like after filing for bankruptcy?” 

The uncertainty of not being able to get credit again and facing the black mark left by filing bankruptcy on their credit detours people from seeking the debt relief that bankruptcy offers.  While circumstances vary from individual to individual, bankruptcy doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get credit.  Get the “real” story on what life is like after filing bankruptcy in Phoenix, Arizona.  The affordable Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers at Wright & Gallagher, PLC will provide you with the facts and myths about filing for bankruptcy protection in Phoenix, Arizona.

What happens after your bankruptcy is final and all of your debts are discharged?  Most people in Phoenix, AZ who have had their bankruptcy discharged are concerned their life will be in tatters and they will never be able to obtain a loan again.  This is just one of the many bankruptcy myths that abounds and it is quite false.  In actual fact, after your bankruptcy is final, you are debt free and ready for a “fresh start”, (with the exception of those debts which are exempt from bankruptcy, such as taxes and student loans).  Being free from debt, monthly payments, and outstanding bills provides great relief to most individuals who have gone through the process of filing bankruptcy in Arizona.

Bankruptcy is similar to most painful situations we experience in life, ideally we come out of them with a new understanding and point of view.  Wright & Gallagher are Arizona bankruptcy attorneys assisting those who have completed their bankruptcy requirements re-establish their life after filing bankruptcy including helping to rebuild their credit and preparing them for a “fresh start”.




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