Filing Bankruptcy in Phoenix and Being Unemployed

Filing Bankruptcy in Phoenix and Being Unemployed

What you need to know when considering filing for bankruptcy when not having a job in Phoenix, Arizona.  Experienced Phoenix bankruptcy lawyers can assist you with making the best choice for your financial situation.

Posted on behalf of Phoenix bankruptcy Attorneys Wright & Associates, Scottsdale Bankruptcy Lawyers on November 20, 2012.

In March 2011, the unemployment in Phoenix was recorded at 10.0%.  That means one out of every ten people in the Phoenix metropolitan area was out of work and in need of a job.  Being unemployed and without a steady income will not prevent you from filing bankruptcy, however, it will lead to financial difficulties such as: wage garnishment, vehicle repossession, utilities being shut off, foreclosure, and eviction.  Not having a job or a steady income can limit which chapters of bankruptcy you can file.  For instance, you must have a steady income in order to file for a chapter 13 bankruptcy in Phoenix, AZ.

One of our affordable Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys from Wright & Associates will administer a free debt evaluation for you to determine the best chapter of bankruptcy for your current situation (employed or unemployed).  Your free debt evaluation will take only a few minutes and can be done during your free bankruptcy consultation.  Our free consultations are offered either in person at one of our area bankruptcy offices or via the telephone.

When you find yourself without a job, or if you have recently been hired for a new job and are considering declaring bankruptcy, it is important to contact a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer in Phoenix right away.  Timing when filing your bankruptcy is important as sometimes it’s better to wait to file your bankruptcy (if you have recently lost your job) and then there are sometimes when you may want to hurry up and file your bankruptcy (if you have recently been hired and the wages from you new job might make a chapter 7 impossible if you wait).  With decisions like these, the experience of a dedicated bankruptcy lawyer is a must.

If you have spent a long period of time without employment or if you are one of the reported numbers facing current unemployment,  the bills and overwhelming debt have probably reached the limit.  If you have tried for as long as you can to get gainful employment without any luck in finding a job, you may soon come to the conclusion that filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy is the only sensible decision.

If you do decide to either file for bankruptcy protection or simply would like a free debt evaluation or your questions regarding bankruptcy answered,  please contact one of our debt relief experts at Wright & Associates.  Reach out and receive help from our Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys either by filling out this Contact Form or call us for assistance at (602) 568-7410.

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